ECMMM 2018

ECMMM 2018 @ Krakow, Poland

Thanks to the recommondation of Prof. Grega, we managed to hold the conference ECMMM 2018 at 'Sienkiewiczówka', the guest house of AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. The city was covered in snow, quiet and relaxing. We're grateful for the participation of all the speakers, presenters, listeners and hope you have enjoyed the conference and appreciated the scenery in Krakow. On the night of February 11, the participants were having dinner at a very famous local restaurant called 'Morskie Oko', who serves very traditional Polish food and live performance. The guests were all having a wonderful time. And we wish to meet you all next year at ECMMM.

Selected Papers have been published into IJMMM: 
Check out more photos of ECMMM 2018 here .

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