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Acceptance Notification: January 10, 2019
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Conference Date: February 16-18, 2019

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[FEB. 22, 2019] ECMMM 2019 has been held successfully in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We appreciate your participation and support, so happy to see old friends this year. Look forward to seeing you all again next year.[CLICK]. 

[JAN. 11, 2019] Prof. Simon Barrans will give a plenary speech titled 'A Generalized Plane Strain Analysis of Three Interfering Cylinders' at ECMMM 2019 [CLICK].

[JAN. 02, 2019] Prof. Ian McAndrew will give a keynote speech titled 'Unmanned Vehicles and Their Integration into Commercial Operations' at ECMMM 2019 [CLICK].

[DEC. 02, 2018] The submission deadline has been extended to November 30, 2018.

[AUG. 02, 2018] The conference venue has been confirmed. ECMMM 2019 will be held at 'The Student Hotel Amsterdam City' [CLICK].

[MAY 17, 2018] It has been decided by the organizing committee that ECMMM 2019 will be held in Amsterdam during February 16-18. The submission is open now. [CLICK]

[FEB. 26, 2018] ECMMM 2018 has been successfully held in Krakow, Poland. We hope every participant has enjoyed the conference. Special thanks to Prof. Wojciech Grega and people who work at 'Sienkiewiczówka', Guest house of AGH University of Science and Technology [CLICK]. 

[JAN. 11, 2018] Prof. Simon Barrans will give a plenary speech entitled 'Effect of Machining Cusps on the Stress Concentration Factor on Curved Surface' at the conference. [CLICK]

[DEC. 28, 2017] Prof. Ian McAndrew will give a keynote speech entitled 'Establishing Angle of Attach for NACA 6412 Twin-Wing on Take-Off: Downwash Influences on Lift and Drag' at the conference. [CLICK]

[DEC. 15, 2017] A tour to Wieliczka Salt Mine will be arranged on February 12. Please register for participation if you're interested. [CLICK]

[AUG. 01, 2017] Prof. Adrian Olaru will give a keynote speech entitled 'Proper Assisted Methods for Optimization 3D space trajectory in Robotics' at the conference. [CLICK]

[JUL. 20, 2017] Welcome Dr. K. Witcher (Dean of the College of Aeronautics, Embry Riddle University, USA) to join the technical program committee. [CLICK]

[JUN. 07, 2017] The submission for ECMMM 2018 is officially open now. [CLICK]

[FEB. 22, 2017] ECMMM 2017 has been successfully held in Paris, France, On behalf of the organizing commitee, we'd like to thank every participant for your kind support and contribution.[CLICK]. 

[DEC. 20, 2016] An academic visit to LISV- Laboratoire d' Ingénierie des Systèmes de Versailles will be arranged on the morning of February 17. [CLICK]

[NOV. 04, 2016] The conference venue is available now. [CLICK]


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